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Any suggestions for helping severe lower back pain? I think I might have a slight spinal problem based on how far my butt sticks out and I have a kind of backwards 'c' shape in the lower part of my back?

I'm working on trying to lose weight but that's it's own battle. I'd just like to learn some stretches or something that might help too?

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so I don't want to make it sound like this HAS to be your problem, but I know that it's quite common based on the amount we sit through school for people to tilt their pelvis too much when they stand? it puts almost all the strain of standing upright on the lower back muscles and lets lower abdominals stay too relaxed and not end up receiving enough strength training to help the back muscles, creating kind of a cycle that's hard to break. of course if your back pain isn't muscular then this isn't very helpful

one thing I see suggested a lot is planks, even just holding for like 10-15 seconds a few times a day is a good start. also generally being aware of your posture and trying to keep your pelvis in line with your spine, which feels really weird when you're not used to it lmao. going through beginner yoga routines should help too, of course skipping any moves that are outright painful, kind of focusing on the body mindfulness part. you can find some nice casual ones from yoga with adriene on youtube, I'm intimidated by yoga but I like her videos a lot

looked at someone without my glasses and had the startling realization that she could still see me

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language is neat, and also, terrible. I don't have anything useful to contribute to the current topic, but I just think it's interesting since I've been trying to learn other languages in my spare time and staying aware of the ways my brain is wired to interpret sequences, and the new connections I'll need to build, is a big help

he's here and he's brought his fey patron's absolutely absurd list of pranks and pointless tasks. watch out

it's real fun drawing so big that I never need to zoom past 50% and then going to 100% and seeing how scrappy it actually is

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each week should really come with a stage select option

so! I'm realizing that probably not a lot of you even remember my name since I never actually......put it anywhere?

anyway I'm making my internet name henri now. nice

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y'all remember emofuri

gosh I wish I had interesting things to post about. just working and sleeping and keeping my head just above the financial current, what a life

he is COLD

made this because dm is rebooting the campaign again and I insist on making token art every time. and hoo boy, does my current collection of token art look like it was done by at least 3 different people. lmao

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anti-fish roommate is out tonight so I'm doing some maple salmon, I've never tried this before but I've been craving fish for like a month so I'm PSYCHED >:3

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IT'S GOOD if you like fish I absolutely recommend maple salmon. it's maple syrup and soy sauce and ginger marinated plus whatever other spices you want, freestyle it. I used a few pinches of chili powder and it was (chef kiss) just right

anti-fish roommate is out tonight so I'm doing some maple salmon, I've never tried this before but I've been craving fish for like a month so I'm PSYCHED >:3

enola holmes (movie) really surprised me with the ease with which it said "girl power" and then went on to actually support that message in the plot and character writing lmao

I want to come up with...a new internet name

I used archer a lot online for a long time where no one in person was using it. but now that all my friends and my boss use it and I've told my stepdad and everything, and I'm planning to change to it legally, I'm like "hell yeah" but also "I don't actually want my online name to be the same as my meatspace name"

however, the struggle of coming up with a new name,

aaaaa im being ignored by my friends in favor of a video game lately. I can't compete with a video game

I am the pretty thing that lives in the house is an interesting movie. I don't think I've seen one that's just as much filmed poetry as horror movie before, and I'm also endeared by the idea of a horror protagonist who's easily scared by horror media


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everyone else: finally pumpkin spice season, bringing out my sweaters

me, weeping: it's 90°F in my room

I wanted to color some skin? just for fun

I haven't played dnd in over half a year. my crops are perishing

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really sexy of our ac to break for the last two days that it's supposed to go over 110°F

has anyone ever really drawn outside of a time they should be sleeping? sounds like a myth to me

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I decided that I'm going to do a comic of dnd shenanigans for a birthday about a week and a half in the future and, having first drafted the first two pages this morning, I have to say: oops

naiad asked:

Happy birthday!!

thank you! I saw this on the day but I forgot to check back in until now uafdjsg

I'm finding that season 2 of wynonna earp is just a practice in longing for season 1 of wynonna earp