I just like dnd

I'm twins with Sonic the Hedgehog

it me

fixes and tweaks. particularly I thought that the blue undertone in his hair was too sharp, didn't properly represent his inner soft sweet baby

I'm trying to shop simple reasonably priced piano keyboards for learning and it's really frustrating the way that I'll be looking at one like "this doesn't have the good features I want, let's see the next step up" and the next step up added 30 more beats and 50 more instrument sounds and a second microphone port for 70 more dollars but might still not even have the actual useful features I'm looking for

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Me, feeling sick and approaching 30: you mean I CANT just chug multiple cups of coffee a day without consequences anymore? Blasphamy

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me in my youth: I don't get it when people talk about caffeine side effects, I don't feel a thing

me aged 29: oh. I see now

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Hollow but with flowers painted on their head

[ID: Fanart. A digital painting depicting Hollow from Hollow Knight in purple, orange and blue tones. They stand bending backwards in a dramatic stance with their hand touching their forehead. It's head has flowers painted on it. The background is purple with orange dust rising around Hollow. End ID]

I'm getting really tired of being personally called to do the chores one roommate doesn't feel like doing when there's four of us, and I'm the one who works the longest hours and the most physical job in this house. like I don't generally keep track of how much work we're all doing or that we "owe" to the house or anything because I generally just think if you can then please do and if you can't then that's ok, but being awake for maybe ten minutes before I'm told "I need you to take this garbage out immediately" and then waddling my sore ass out to see there's another roommate already in the room and not doing anything, knowing full well they were never even asked. ok

sorry I keep vanishing so much, work makes me so tired in my bones. I just don't get anything done at all on weekdays and weekends don't fare much better tbh. now I have to spend my free week drawing like 100 presents

entered a secret santa art exchange on twitter and I gotta say. I don't know what countryhumans is but I am afraid

I keep saying "I want a dedicated fitness vr game" and then when I'm playing a dedicated fitness vr game I always think "beat saber does this better"

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meowdy yall

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virtual reality is sweatier than any of us could have imagined

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yall ever try that weird practice of drawing the same character the same way twice? that sounds wild

star-rice -

aren't you supposed to draw the character enough times that drawing a character the same way twice just sort of happens passively?

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draw? draw?? I'm supposed to draw first, have skill later?? sounds like the setup to a microtransaction scheme. the absolute nerve of that

yall ever try that weird practice of drawing the same character the same way twice? that sounds wild

I constantly get tricked into looking at this game when I'm browsing because I think the subtitle is

horse hell

and I always think "that can't possibly say horse"

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he's a big softie, like you know how people say spiders are more scared of you than you are of them? but he does have big muscles and an affection for swords too, so, you know

I did some color tweaks, go repour this one instead

vibing to fuck with slenderbodies today. this is prime gentle dissociating material

pleased to report I'm almost 100% ok with vr, the only thing that gets me is slide controls which make my brain violently extract itself from my skull, motion sickness I believe the scientists are calling it. but otherwise this shit's been amazing and everything has more or less Worked... the first time I stopped using it I had some weird slightly dizzy transition time back into irl but nothing like that since

what I got is a vive cosmos elite because I wanted the stability of the lighthouses. if not for this one being big discounted I probably would have waited for an index bc I'm really curious about those knuckle controllers, but I'm hearing those are compatible with this headset so, maybe......someday

wow! this is like a dream. I've been yearning for vr for so many years and it's exactly as good as I always hoped for, like when does that EVER happen

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put honey cognac in my irish cream coffee last night and came out with something that tasted like cough syrup. not recommended tbh

godddd I jokingly suggested a ship between my newest pc and an old npc we haven't even seen in like 30 years because I assumed they would get along terribly but it turns out they'd be really cute and gross and I'm really wrapped up in it now. like this is the fastest "don't joke about it or you'll end up really shipping it" in history

aw fuck I should draw something before my replacement vr kit gets here and, best case scenario, I never exit vr again

I'M FINALLY FREE. I survived the grind. I get all of next week off now aaaaaa

aaaaa......I Almost had vr today but the discount amazon warehouse listing turned out to be missing controllers, and buying two controllers would have made the whole thing cost the same as a brand new kit. I was SO close

elf parent!! tragedy befell and continues to befall him. he can't get it to stop. someone please help him

the way that I color skin is basically learned from make up tutorials tbh